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"What's an ECO CUP?"

Our ECO Paper Cup product is produced by the process - bulging of a surface of paper cup made of environment-friendly pulp material and special coating product by heat treatment and ECO Paper Cup has excellent effectiveness of insulation, temperature preservation.

Bulging of a surface of paper cup by heat treatment

Eco paper cup
Eco paper cup
Eco paper cup
Eco paper cup
Bulging of a surface of paper cup by heat treatment
Eco paper cup
Eco paper cup

In a response to the environment-friendly global green policies and trends gradually reducing usage of PS cup to overcome environmental problem of earth, we are changing our products from PS cup to Eco paper cup which is made of environment-friendly material. It is a new type of paper cup. Eco paper cup is not a HI-Cup (Double wall paper cup) but it has excellent insulation effect and is soft and comfortable to touch. It protects the contained from being ill-tasting by outside moisture due to its excellent sealing effect. Moreover, it is competitive as printing on is very easy and clear and has low material cost (about 20% reduced material cost).

1. Better insulation & temperature preservation effect than double wall paper cup
2. Eliminating smelling due to heat treatment
3. Easy to read bar cord due to the surface of paper foamed.
4. High-quality appearance due to the embossed container surface.
5. Easy to be dropped from filling machine.

Eco paper cup is our new environment friendly product which is for green future and green earth sustainability.

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