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Inspection Machine / Paper Cup Machines


It is a check system that removes selecting badness cups which can happen in cup's production with worm mixing, alien substance mixing, pollution, oil dirt, dust, bottom damage, and correction of deformities badness automatically. It applied between manufacturing process of product and quality inspection of high quality is available by real-time. Because detection is available to microscopic badness at high speed, it can help to accomplish productivity improvement with production quality elevation.


1. Detectable size in Maximum : 0.25mm
2. Capacity : Max 180pcs/min
3. Performance : 13.0 megapixel (1380 * 1035)
4. Main Unit : Camera 1 EA, Strobo Scope 1 EA, Strobo Driver 1 EA
                      Controller 1 EA, Alignment unit 1 EA

Inspection Machine
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