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Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine (Lid Machine)
Lid Machine

The machine integrates of electricity and optics, adopts the technology like: PC auto- controlling, transducer regulating, the piece of material heated up by temperature, molding by air-press to cutting the finished product, and the numbers of the products can input to the machine. The flow is in a high automatic function. It can also configure the PLC computer control.(By the request of client)

It is used for molding the plastic material as BOPS、HIPS、PS、 PVC、PET and so on, which is widely used for the minitype soup spoon、the cover of the dish such as the salver of medicine and coffee, the bottleneck of Coca-cola.

- Forming size in Max : 310 * 150 mm
- Forming Depth in Max : 30 mm
- Capacity : Max 1000/hr
- Weight : 1500kg
- Dimension : 2800 * 850 * 1900
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