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Rotary Cutter Machine / Paper Cup Machines
Rotary Cutter Machine which is Safe, Smart and Silent Automatic

1. It has almost no noise due to its roll cutter type, thus helping improve the work environment.
2. It automatically counts and arranges punched fabric.
3. It prevents wear and tear of the knife’s edge (protecting the material property of knives)
4. Horizontal arrangement of fabric
5. I mark automatic sensor mounted
6. Epc edge position controller equipped
7. Fabric tension adjustment device (powder brake)
8. Fabric replacement time can be saved due to shaftless pickup type
9. Cutting remnant blower feeding device
10. Fabric edge clear
11. Possible to adjust speed (analog or digital is optional)
12. Possible to cut any type of fabric
13. Easy to operate

- Capacity: 55m/minute
- Paper coating: single + double side coated paper
- Max./Min. reel width : 800~1200mm(STD)
- Max reel diameter : 160 mm
- Weight : Approx 5 ton
- Air Consumption : 3 hp~5hp
- Electric Consumption : 200w×3, 2.2kw ×2(3hp)

Rotary cutter machine


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