Rim Flattener

-What is different after "Rim Flattening"?

A. Easy fill-off the lid paper
B. No bump on the overlapped paper
C. Suitable for frozen food containers
- Maintain freshness of food
- Anti-air transmission

-Production Rate
 60-80 containers per minute

-Conversion Materials
 Body stock must have a minimum of 10 lbs./ream (18 GSM)  low-density polyethylene on the inside surface of the container.

-Container Capacities
 This device flattens the top curl on the complete size range of cups/containers produced on the forming machine.

-Container Dimensions
 Maximum Container Dimensions
 Maximum Height - 5.25" (133.4mm)
 Maximum Rim Diameter - 4.92" (125mm)
 Minimum Container Dimensions
 Minimum Height - 1.5" (38.1mm)
 Minimum Rim Diameter - 2.118" (53.8mm)

Rim Flattener

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